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When a marriage begins, no one imagines that it will end. As spouses make decisions through the course of the marriage, they are rarely thinking about protecting their own interests in the event of separation.

The role of a good divorce lawyer is to protect his or her client's interests throughout the divorce process. Feelings of sadness and anger are normal during a divorce, but such strong emotions can cloud a person's ability to think logically about current and future needs.  Even if you are in the initial stages of considering a divorce, you should talk to an attorney who is well versed in family law.

At the Acton, Massachusetts, law firm of Harsip & Stuart, P.C., our divorce attorneys have developed a strong reputation in the local community as intelligent, compassionate and zealous advocates for clients going through a divorce.  Our lawyers recognize that by working collaboratively now, we can help you preserve important family relationships in the years to come.

Ways to Reduce Conflict: Many strategies exist to help divorcing spouses decrease the amount of conflict that arises as they try to agree on all the terms of their divorce. These methods include divorce mediation and the collaborative law process. The attorneys of Harsip & Stuart are skilled at methods of alternative dispute resolution and reducing conflict in what can sometimes be a contentious process.

The Basics of the Divorce Process in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, a divorce can proceed either on "no-fault" grounds or on "fault" grounds. "No fault" means that the spouses agree there has been an "irretrievable breakdown of the marriage." Most divorces in Massachusetts are filed on no-fault grounds. Some of the more common fault grounds in a divorce include adultery, cruel and abusive treatment, imprisonment and alcohol or drug addiction.

A divorce may be either contested or uncontested. If a divorce is uncontested, it means the spouses agree to divorce, agree on the grounds for the divorce (if the divorce proceeds on fault grounds) and agree on all of the terms of the divorce. In a contested divorce, the spouses disagree on the terms of the divorce and ask a family court judge to decide the terms for them.

The goal is to reach a Separation Agreement through negotiation.  In the event that we reach a settlement, it will be reduced to a written Separation Agreement, also known as a Divorce Agreement.  The final Agreement is submitted to the Court for review and approval at a Court hearing.  In the event that the matter cannot be resolved through negotiation and must go to trial, our Attorneys are ready to represent you at trial.  

Issues that must be resolved either in a Separation Agreement or at Trial include:

  • Child custody and visitation / parenting plan
  • Child support amounts
  • Alimony
  • Division of marital property and debt
  • College expenses
  • Medical and life insurance

Seek Early Legal Advice
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Our family law attorneys offer all potential new clients a complimentary 20-minute consultation. If you are considering divorce, seeking early legal advice can ease your worries and put you in an advantageous position moving forward.

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