After Divorce

Changing or Enforcing a Divorce Decree in Massachusetts

As much as we may want a relationship with an ex-spouse to end completely after a divorce, communication of one kind or another must often continue. Most often, post-divorce communications have to do with shared parenting responsibilities, child support payments, child custody or visitation arrangements.

Sometimes, these communications go smoothly with little difficulty. Other times, however, conflicts arise after a divorce that must be settled through the court process. This is done by filing a Complaint for Modification or a Complaint for Contempt.

Modification of Divorce Decrees: Modifications of divorce judgments are not uncommon. Any time a former spouse wants to change the decree, they must file a formal complaint for modification with the court. The attorneys at Harsip & Stuart can help determine whether or not the particular facts of the case support a modification.  The modification may be negotiated, if the ex-spouses agree on the changes. If the ex-spouses do not agree on the changes, however, then a family court judge must make a ruling.

The most common subjects for post-divorce modifications of the court's judgment are:

  • Child support
  • Changing child custody due to a parent's changed circumstances
  • Changing visitation arrangements due to a parent's changed circumstances, including relocation
  • Alimony

Enforcement of Divorce Decrees: In addition to representing clients who are seeking a modification of a divorce decree, Harsip & Stuart helps clients who are the subject of any type of enforcement action. A party seeking to enforce provisions of a divorce agreement through the court generally must file a Complaint for Contempt. If you have been ordered to pay past-due child support, or have received any other legal notice regarding contempt of court, we encourage you to seek legal advice. Failure to do so could result in a default judgment against you and potentially serious consequences.

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